Your system needs to adapt to your business. Not the other way around.

Ready-made software was not made for your company. By the way, your business is unique and has characteristics that only it has. With customized software, it is possible to manage your company through a solution developed specifically for it. No need to be adapting to the embedded software you find out there.

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Custom Systems
Here your ideas and the needs of your business become customized and efficient solutions in a short time. Really.
Agile Development
We develop solutions in record time and without losing quality, from analysis to delivery. You ask. We develop. We deliver.
You will not miss your system. He goes wherever you go. The same solution on Mac, Windows, iOS, and the Web.
You can go beyond the pie chart. We develop the reports you need and we also teach you how to create your own.
Fast and effective support
Hello? Everything’s solved. Our support is like this: practical the way you need it (and without that little waiting song that nobody likes).
We are FileMaker developers, an Apple platform that enables you to build fully customizable, multi-platform management solutions.
Before, the work of the administrative area was all made in Excel spreadsheets, without integration of tasks. With the deployment of the FileMaker solution, we could have an overview of the company, which allows us to make decisions much faster and more effective. It's really an easy-to-use ERP that guarantees us mobility and information access over the iPhone or iPad with speed, security and efficiency.

Leandro de Oliveira Schmitt
Financial Manager of Das Bier
I am extremely rigorous with regard to data safety and I was really worried about the system’s migration. HiMaker was such a great surprise and the experience was technically efficient, practically convenient and pleasant in respect to the interpersonal relationship, and we also could exchange precious informations. Currently, we are permanent partners of HiMaker and we recommend it to other companies.

Wanessa Canellas
Wanessa Canellas - CEDOPE’s coordinator