Transform your business with FileMaker

We are FileMaker certified developers. Through this tool we can offer you completely customized solutions that fit your business. We believe that the system you use must fit your business and not the other way around. So we are ready to listen to your company’s needs, understand your business rules and turn them into a simple, customized solution designed specifically for your management.

Easy integration

FileMaker easily integrates with other technologies. You can, for example, query other ODBC / JDBC and XML data sources. Or, show the data of your system on the Web through a page developed in PHP.


Creating custom applications and solutions becomes much easier with FileMaker. Its flexibility allows you to create infinite possibilities of layouts through an intuitive graphical interface. This way, your solution is exactly the way you like.


With FileMaker, your system does not run alone. In addition to running on Mac and Windows, you can take your solutions anywhere you want with FileMaker Go for iOS. Through FileMaker Web Direct, you can manage your business online, directly from the browser, and without having to develop another solution.

Affordable prices

Management systems, from the simplest to the most robust, fit in your pocket. In addition to the speed of development, your solutions and applications will have the most affordable prices on the market. Investing in a quick, cheap and personalized solution is the best deal.