Headphones and hands on! How music in the workplace affects productivity?

You are in the room or o ce where you work. During the day, a symphony of phones ringing, people talking, the sound of the keyboards from someone that types like he’s using a typewriter, mouse clicks and the expressions aloud from someone whose computer just stopped working. It is a true enterprise orchestra, but with a particularity: nothing is synchronized and there is no conductor.

e solution of many employees is to put a headset and keep working in the purest sound insulation, listening to good music while performing their daily tasks. e point is: Does music help or disturb when it comes to productivity? e truth is that neither science came to a conclusion, but we will introduce you to the both sides of it.


A study by the University of Miami between technology professionals concluded that listening to music at work has the ability to increase employee productivity. ey realized that the employees who were in the habit of listening to music while working nished their tasks faster and, moreover, had better ideas since the mood was positively a ected by the melody.

e European technology company Logitech conducted a survey that resulted in the following data: the 10 Europeans, 8 listen to music at work. 44% said that this habit brings more inspiration to get your hands dirty, and for 24% of employees, productivity increases considerably when they press the play button.


Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and author of the book ” is is Your Brain on Music” says that we are less productive when working listening to music. According to him, the melody brings more fun and it just felt more productive.

Levitin’s recommendation is that employees listen to music 10 to 15 minutes before starting work. He explains that during the execution of tunes the brain releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine, responsible for feelings of pleasure, and serotonin, which elevates mood and facilitates concentration.

e psychologist Ph. D. American Joanne Cantor, recommends in her book Conquer CyberOverload listening more cheerful songs during repetitive activities and without much cognitive demand. In activities with greater intellectual and creative requirement, it is better to listen to music before or during breaks, otherwise, your productivity may be a ected.

We did a survey among HiMaker employees to nd out if a good music in headphones really helps when performing activities. e result is that 82.4% of our employees listen to music in the workplace and 94.1% of the company believes that music a ects productivity positively. A curiosity: the most listened musical style here is rock’n’roll.

Whether to concentrate or to escape from a turbulent environment, the key word is balance. Before putting the headphones and enjoying the sound, see if it is allowed to listen to music according to the company’s policy. Be careful not to annoy your colleagues with the high volume or break the silence in the workplace. With or without music, work productively and harmoniously always sounds good.